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Bloomberg News: Acupuncture is found to relieve pain in the largest study of treatment


Acupuncture reduced back and neck pain, arthritis and headaches, according to the largest analysis of the treatment. 

princeton acupuncture, Princeton AcuHealth, acupuncture princeton, Zohra Awan
Huffington Post:   Acupuncture Relieves Stress - New understanding of why the ancient practice eases anxiety


The new study explores the biological mechanisms involved in acupuncture's stress-relieving abilities.

princeton acupuncture, acupuncture princeton, Zohra Awan, Princeton AcuHealth
CNN Health:  Acupuncture May Be Antidote for Allergies


Acupuncture already helps to relieve pain in some patients, and the latest study hints that it might relieve sneezing and itchy eyes as well.

Acupuncture in Research Studies 














  • Ear Acupuncture Boosts Weight Loss. Ear acupuncture can help people lose weight, with better results if practitioners stimulated five points instead of just one, researchers from Korea claim in a study published in the BMJ journal Acupuncture in Medicine.

  • Using the Healing Power of Qi for Weight Loss. Chinese acupuncture is finally getting under the skin of dieters by tapping into the body's many hidden energy meridians. The ancient practice of acupuncture helps to heal a host of ailments, and practitioners of Western medicine now embrace it to quell chronic pain, postoperative pain, nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, addictions and weight loss.​

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